VLOG #79 Evie's 3rd Birthday!

We CANNOT believe Evie is THREE years old!?!?! Literally, time has been flying by. Here is a mini story of Evie's birth. I feel like we have to tell it every year. Jeremy and I went to a regular doctors appointment, which turned into a 1 hour observation, which turned into a 8 hour observation. Then we were checked in the hospital & no one was going anywhere, anytime. Then... about 13 hours later Evie was born just shy of 26 weeks gestation. That's about 14 week early. Born at 1.1 oz.

Enjoy the video.


1. Balloon Pit >>

Instead of a traditional noodle or ball pit, we did a balloon pit. The pool is about 10FT X 3FT. It took about 500 different sized balloons. We had water balloons, 9",12" and 18" balloons. There was also twisty balloons in there too! It was a HUGE hit. It took 2 people about 2 hours to fill up with balloons.

2. Bounce House >>

We typically do a bounce house for Evie's birthday. It takes no time to set up. The only downside to having it was it was very LOUD. The air compressor was really loud inside the martial art school. We couldn't have music and castle going at the same time because it was just to loud. We rented from the awesome folks at Village Rental!

3. Extra Large Food >>

We ordered extra large food for Evie's birthday. This was the first time our family had a birthday party catered. Let me tell you it was 110% worth it. I now remember how stressful it can be getting warm food on the table & attempting to visit with our guest. Since Evie is so little, we (her parents) really needed to visit with her guest. We ordered Subway sandwiches... the sandwich was supposed to be a 6ft sub, but can precut on trays. That was a let down. Then we ordered a 28 inch pizza called "The Reaper" from Franklin's Pisanello's. Lastly, the 5lb donut... Thanks to Bills Donuts in Centerville.