VLOG #79 Evie's 3rd Birthday!

We CANNOT believe Evie is THREE years old!?!?! Literally, time has been flying by. Here is a mini story of Evie's birth. I feel like we have to tell it every year. Jeremy and I went to a regular doctors appointment, which turned into a 1 hour observation, which turned into a 8 hour observation. Then we were checked in the hospital & no one was going anywhere, anytime. Then... about 13 hours later Evie was born just shy of 26 weeks gestation. That's about 14 week early. Born at 1.1 oz.

Enjoy the video.


1. Balloon Pit >>

Instead of a traditional noodle or ball pit, we did a balloon pit. The pool is about 10FT X 3FT. It took about 500 different sized balloons. We had water balloons, 9",12" and 18" balloons. There was also twisty balloons in there too! It was a HUGE hit. It took 2 people about 2 hours to fill up with balloons.

2. Bounce House >>

We typically do a bounce house for Evie's birthday. It takes no time to set up. The only downside to having it was it was very LOUD. The air compressor was really loud inside the martial art school. We couldn't have music and castle going at the same time because it was just to loud. We rented from the awesome folks at Village Rental!

3. Extra Large Food >>

We ordered extra large food for Evie's birthday. This was the first time our family had a birthday party catered. Let me tell you it was 110% worth it. I now remember how stressful it can be getting warm food on the table & attempting to visit with our guest. Since Evie is so little, we (her parents) really needed to visit with her guest. We ordered Subway sandwiches... the sandwich was supposed to be a 6ft sub, but can precut on trays. That was a let down. Then we ordered a 28 inch pizza called "The Reaper" from Franklin's Pisanello's. Lastly, the 5lb donut... Thanks to Bills Donuts in Centerville.


VLOG #66 Exchange Student Update July 2017

Exchange Student Update! We're about 3 weeks away from Henrique getting here and we're SO EXCITED! There's all sorts of last minute things to think about so we're going through our list, checking it twice... and we'll probably forget a few things but hey! First time - best time!! So follow along on our updates with Henrique from Brazil - and be sure to follow him because he's going to be vloging about his experiences as well!

First off, there are a TON of things you need to get ready when hosting another human being. Hosting an exchange student is like having a baby. It was a ton of paper work but you can check out this video >>. The second step really after getting approved starts the fun process of picking out a student and getting your house ready!

The student we pick is named Henrique, he is from Brazil, which is in South America. The country speaks Potegueise. While he is here in the US, he will primarily speak English. All the foreign exchange students that YFU have to take a minimum of 5 years of English before being considered to become foreign exchange student.

Here is a list of items we needed to buy before our exchange student came...

  1. Towels
  2. Forks
  3. Cereal bowls
  4. Brand new bed + bedding
  5. Cell Phone - we provide the phone, YFU provides the SIM card
  6. Basic School supplies for the first day of school. -we will get a supply list after the first day of High School.

Lastly, there a many foreign exchange companies that sponsor students coming to America. The foreign exchange company we use was call Youth for Understanding (YFU). Another popular exchange program is ASF. We chose YFU because the approached us. You can hear the whole story HERE >>

Vlog #65 What is Adulting?

Adulting. #Adulting... what is it? What are the causes? Is there a cure? Today we're talking all about the phenomenon of "adulting" - who should be using the term, and who should NOT be using this term. Plus, we give you some awesome examples too! Enjoy the video!!

What is "adulting"?

Adult, in this context, is a verbed noun and is also used to describe forcing someone else, such as an employee, to behave like an adult. Adulting is commonly associated with millennials, who often use the term on Facebook and Twitter when posting about their activities.

There are TWO major rules when using the verb "adulting"...

  1. You can't adult once your over the age 25. Its not an excuse anymore. Your to old at this point and need to grow up. Sorry.
  2. You can "adult" once you become a parent. Its just socially unacceptable. Sorry.

Watch the video for some SUPER funny examples of ACTUAL PEOPLE using the hashtag adulting. Some people just don't know how to us it. Some people use the term quite well. The first example in this video will BLOW YOUR MIND.

CLICK TO TWEET >> "Do you know what #adulting is? Are you even doing it right? Check out this funny video! millennials

Vlog #64 Day at the Bristol Ren. Fest

On July 8, 2016 - Our family went to the Renaissance Festival in Bristol, Wisconsin. This was our families second Renaissance Festival. It was quiet the journey as you can tell from the vlog. From our neck of the woods in Ohio, it took us about 6 hours with Evie to get there. It was SO MUCH FUN, as you can see in the video below.

First, thing we did was get Jamie a new costume. As you can tell from some of the clips, he wasn't super excited about his old costume. We even went to Walmart to see if we could fix it. But no luck. We went to the shop called Three Little Pigs. We got a four piece suit, that put him in much better spirits. Honestly, Jamie loves to dress up, so this was a well worth the money we spent.

Secondly, we explored a large part of the festival. Both the kids got to ride some rides.

Our families favorite part was the Joust. You also have to get a turkey leg when you are there. They are HUGE & easily fed all four of us. We spent about five hours at the festival. We could have spent all day there. It was seriously, a TON of fun.

If you are going to the Bristol, Renaissance Festival you should...

  1. See the Joust - its the main event & was really good
  2. Budget about $20 for rides & games
  3. Eat a turkey leg!
  4. Use the restrooms at the front gate - they are much nicer!
  5. Buy the kids costumes before you go! I would highly suggest to get some on sale AFTER Halloween

Check out the Bristol Renaissance Festival's website HERE >>

Vlog #63 4th of July Fun

July 4, 2017 - Its America's Birthday! Let me tell you, our family WORKED this holiday. Why? Because were a family of entrepreneurs. LoL! As you can tell from the vlog below, it wasn't all work and no play. We did get some down time to relax and play as a family. Please watch the video below!

We started the day early about 8AM wake up time. Our family was headed to the Americana Festival, in Centerville, Ohio - a suburban community of Dayton, Ohio. Jeremy and I (Autumn) had to divide and conquer. Jeremy had to set up a booth for our martial art school in the children's area of the festival. I took the kids to Pi Style Boutique to watch the parade & Jamie set up a hot dog stand too.

Fun Fact: My family actually owns Pi Style Boutique. You can visit them HERE...

Jamie actually sold a bunch of hotdogs, making about $47. His goal is to buy a trampoline at the end of the summer. He already has about $100 saved, so now he has $147 saved. As a mom I am SO proud of his discipline to SAVE money. He is about 1/2 way to his goal, hopefully by the end of summer he can get the trampoline.

As for the Meng's Martial Arts of Centerville - that our school, Jeremy passed out about 500 popsicles. It was a long day for him, but the weather wasn't SUPER hot or rainy. Perfect weather if you ask us. Especially, in Ohio.

Lastly, in this video both the kids stayed up until 10:30pm. Jamie was actually a big crab than Evie. Both of the kids fell asleep on the 10 minute car ride home. It was an adventure carrying them both inside the house. LOL.

Overall an A-mazing 4th of July. Happy Birthday America!!

VLOG #62 Three Tips for a Family Friendly Summer Budget

It's summertime! And that means the kids are out of school and there are SO many activities... and your budget running away from you with all the great things to do. So here's our top three tips for making your summer fun WITHOUT breaking your bank! Hope you enjoy the video below!!

It's only honest to say... Our family always goes OVER budget when it comes to summer stuff. But we have learned a lot over the past few years and here are our top 3 tips for keeping your summer budget.

Tip #1 - Avoid the CREEP

These are typical things that creep up on your budget. You don't realize how easy it is to grab a drink thru the drive throught, or add a couple extra perks to an outing. All the money adds ups. So you have to get used to saying "NO" to somethings and save the for next time.

Tip #2 - Plan a budget per activity

Our family uses the envelope system. We budget money per activity by placing a set amount of cash in a envelope. Once the money is gone, that's it. This has really come in handy with Jamie this summer. He is learning all about money, value and counting. Win / Win.

Tip #3 - Transparency

We don't hide our kids away from our finances. We are really open with them how we budget our money. We also tell them we can always come back to do another activity. Naturally, we really try hard to go back to those activities too. For example, we went to Disney last year. Our kids LOVED it!! Of course, there were things we couldn't buy or just didn't have time for. Next time we go, those missed activities will be the first thing on our list. Its a commitment we made to our kids and the best way to build trust is follow through.