Vlog #64 Day at the Bristol Ren. Fest

On July 8, 2016 - Our family went to the Renaissance Festival in Bristol, Wisconsin. This was our families second Renaissance Festival. It was quiet the journey as you can tell from the vlog. From our neck of the woods in Ohio, it took us about 6 hours with Evie to get there. It was SO MUCH FUN, as you can see in the video below.

First, thing we did was get Jamie a new costume. As you can tell from some of the clips, he wasn't super excited about his old costume. We even went to Walmart to see if we could fix it. But no luck. We went to the shop called Three Little Pigs. We got a four piece suit, that put him in much better spirits. Honestly, Jamie loves to dress up, so this was a well worth the money we spent.

Secondly, we explored a large part of the festival. Both the kids got to ride some rides.

Our families favorite part was the Joust. You also have to get a turkey leg when you are there. They are HUGE & easily fed all four of us. We spent about five hours at the festival. We could have spent all day there. It was seriously, a TON of fun.

If you are going to the Bristol, Renaissance Festival you should...

  1. See the Joust - its the main event & was really good
  2. Budget about $20 for rides & games
  3. Eat a turkey leg!
  4. Use the restrooms at the front gate - they are much nicer!
  5. Buy the kids costumes before you go! I would highly suggest to get some on sale AFTER Halloween

Check out the Bristol Renaissance Festival's website HERE >>