Vlog #65 What is Adulting?

Adulting. #Adulting... what is it? What are the causes? Is there a cure? Today we're talking all about the phenomenon of "adulting" - who should be using the term, and who should NOT be using this term. Plus, we give you some awesome examples too! Enjoy the video!!

What is "adulting"?

Adult, in this context, is a verbed noun and is also used to describe forcing someone else, such as an employee, to behave like an adult. Adulting is commonly associated with millennials, who often use the term on Facebook and Twitter when posting about their activities.

There are TWO major rules when using the verb "adulting"...

  1. You can't adult once your over the age 25. Its not an excuse anymore. Your to old at this point and need to grow up. Sorry.
  2. You can "adult" once you become a parent. Its just socially unacceptable. Sorry.

Watch the video for some SUPER funny examples of ACTUAL PEOPLE using the hashtag adulting. Some people just don't know how to us it. Some people use the term quite well. The first example in this video will BLOW YOUR MIND.

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