Vlog #63 4th of July Fun

July 4, 2017 - Its America's Birthday! Let me tell you, our family WORKED this holiday. Why? Because were a family of entrepreneurs. LoL! As you can tell from the vlog below, it wasn't all work and no play. We did get some down time to relax and play as a family. Please watch the video below!

We started the day early about 8AM wake up time. Our family was headed to the Americana Festival, in Centerville, Ohio - a suburban community of Dayton, Ohio. Jeremy and I (Autumn) had to divide and conquer. Jeremy had to set up a booth for our martial art school in the children's area of the festival. I took the kids to Pi Style Boutique to watch the parade & Jamie set up a hot dog stand too.

Fun Fact: My family actually owns Pi Style Boutique. You can visit them HERE...

Jamie actually sold a bunch of hotdogs, making about $47. His goal is to buy a trampoline at the end of the summer. He already has about $100 saved, so now he has $147 saved. As a mom I am SO proud of his discipline to SAVE money. He is about 1/2 way to his goal, hopefully by the end of summer he can get the trampoline.

As for the Meng's Martial Arts of Centerville - that our school, Jeremy passed out about 500 popsicles. It was a long day for him, but the weather wasn't SUPER hot or rainy. Perfect weather if you ask us. Especially, in Ohio.

Lastly, in this video both the kids stayed up until 10:30pm. Jamie was actually a big crab than Evie. Both of the kids fell asleep on the 10 minute car ride home. It was an adventure carrying them both inside the house. LOL.

Overall an A-mazing 4th of July. Happy Birthday America!!