Self Control & Positive Energy

Self-Control is when my mind controls my body and my emotions


Module Review

o   Positive and Negative energy

  • Positive = Warm, Big, Happy inside
  • Negative = Small, Sad, Cold inside
  • Which to you prefer?


o   Self-Control game – duck and jump

  • Standing
  • Duck and jump


o   Are fear and anger good things or bad things?

  • Just things. It depends on if the emotion uses you, or you use the emotion.
  • Fear can help stop us from doing dangerous things
  • Anger can help up stop accepting lower standards in life, from ourselves, or from others.
    However, anger should only be a spark for new action, NOT the driving force in our lives.


Game for teachers and parents: notice positive and negative energy in your students, point out who is being a good example of giving others positive energy. Tell your students what they are doing RIGHT, reward with high-five, elbow love, fist love, or low -foot. Notice what energy you are feeding in your classroom, at work, with your peers, and with your family at home.

Added Bonus


During this program, families from Spring Valley Academy are invited to attend classes at Meng’s Martial Arts of Centerville free of charge for the duration of the 6-week program. These complimentary classes start with a 1:1 interview so the martial arts training program can be tailored to your family’s unique needs.







Save the Date: Program Graduation Friday, September 29, at 6:30pm.