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Our Story

I’m Jeremy.

She’s Autumn.

And sometimes… I’m Autumn and he’s Jeremy.

Hi! Howdy!


It all started when...

We work, live, love, laugh, and play together, raise kids together, and sometimes finish each other’s sentences. He literally just walked into her life one day and hasn’t ever really left; like he just belonged with her. She “gets” him in a way no one ever has and appreciates who and what he is. Together, they have a mixed background of entrepreneurialism, a shared understanding of the military, one has a business mastermind brain, one is a kung fu master, one is a time keeping fiend, the other looses time like hair ties, both love children, both are playful, one is socially driven to connect with others, and they both have a burning drive to understand why things happen in families, in business, and in life.

Really, we can’t just sit around and watch people suffer needlessly without doing something to help them out. We starting this project because we see parents and families making their lives harder than it needs to be. With just a few tweaks, we’ve found that everything – in life, in love, and in business – can be more fun, more rewarding, and easier! We’ve been helping the families in our brick and mortar martial arts school since 2005 and have now moved to the digital realm to share our unique perspective with others.